Of Boys, Books, Baking and Blogging

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Boys and Baking – pretty much sums up most of my life right now with the latter often inspired and egged-on by the former and the other two – books and blogging – floating somewhere in between and surfacing only those clear, bright, sunny days when the haze of sleep deprivation lifts and lets in some beautiful rays of clear thought.

I have hardly ever taken up something seriously that I am not crazy about. Tinkered here and there with various things in the in-between years as the kids came along, but after my first love for language through the growing-up years, this comes a very close second.

Been obsessed with it of late. So somehow somewhere the dream surfaced as the dark clouds lifted, and I hope to one day merge the two things that keep me alive and kickin’ – books and baking. For now though we make good with my virtual place – The Undercover Cafe which is more than enough to inspire dreams of cakes that I haven’t yet baked, of making tarts that would startle, in a good way, and about creating desserts for anyone who cares to stop by and hopefully leaves with a smile.

Yeah, you kind of got the idea, and I sort of got the hint, that I need to find an outlet for this crazy obsession, to document my baking disasters, tribulations and occasional triumphs here in my oven diaries. Hence the decision to bear this blog.

Hopefully with time, the right nurture, love and care, this too will grow, like my two boys, to be one of the finest pleasures of my life.

Here’s to dreaming and some fine baking!

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